BC Racing DS Series Coilovers Explored

The BC Racing DS Series coilovers are the perfect suspension solution for those looking to upgrade their vehicle’s handling and performance. These coilovers feature adjustable dampening, ride height, and camber plates that give you full control over your car’s setup. The innovative design of the DS Series allows for unparalleled levels of adjustability and customization while providing a comfortable ride regardless of terrain. With its robust construction and superior technology, the BC Racing DS Series is an excellent choice for any driver looking to take their car’s performance to the next level.

Overview of BC Racing DS Series

The BC Racing DS Series is a series of track events designed to provide drivers with an exciting and unique experience. The series was founded in 2016 by British Columbia’s premier motorsports organization, the British Columbia Racing Association (BCRA). It offers a variety of disciplines including drifting, drag racing and circuit racing. 

The DS Series is open to drivers from all over the world and provides an opportunity for them to compete in a professional environment. The races take place on various tracks throughout Canada and the United States. Drivers can choose from either drifting or circuit racing disciplines, depending on their preference. 

In drifting competitions, drivers must complete a predetermined course while controlling their vehicle’s speed and angle of attack through precise turns and transitions. Drag racing requires drivers to achieve maximum acceleration down the straightaways while also controlling their cars’ launch speed off the line. During circuit races, drivers must navigate tight turns at high speeds while avoiding contact with other vehicles or obstacles on the track. 

All participants are subject to strict safety regulations enforced by BCRA officials who are present at every event throughout the season. Participants must pass safety inspections prior to competing in order for their vehicles to be allowed onto the track during race days.

Benefits of BC Racing DS Series Coilovers

If you’re looking for a suspension setup that allows you to customize the ride of your car while providing superior performance, look no further than BC Racing DS Series Coilovers. DS stands for Dual Spherical and these coilovers are designed to provide maximum adjustability while still offering an excellent ride quality. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of these coilovers: 

1) Adjustable Ride Height: With the BC Racing DS Series Coilovers, you can easily dial-in your desired ride height without compromising on performance or comfort. This is one of the key features that sets them apart from other brands as it allows drivers to get their cars just right without having to sacrifice handling or responsiveness in order to do so. 

2) Superior Performance: Even though they feature adjustable components, the BC Racing DS Series Coilovers are designed with performance in mind. They offer optimal road-handling characteristics and are built with durable materials that can withstand even the most extreme conditions. The dampening system also helps reduce vibration and transfer more power directly through to your wheels for improved traction and control in all driving situations. 

Maintenance and Care Tips

As an owner of a vehicle, it is important to understand the importance of regular maintenance and care. Taking proper care of your car can help keep it running safely, efficiently, and reliably for years to come. Here are some tips for maintaining and caring for your vehicle:

Change the oil regularly: It’s essential to change the oil in your car at least every 3 months or 3,000 miles (whichever comes first). This helps keep your engine clean by removing dirt and debris that can accumulate over time.

Check tire pressure: Maintaining proper tire pressure is key to ensuring safe driving conditions as well as maximizing fuel efficiency. Check your tires regularly—at least once a month—and add or release air as needed to maintain the correct inflation levels (specified in the owner’s manual). 

Perform routine inspections: Have a certified mechanic inspect all major components on a regular basis (at least once per year) such as brakes, battery, filters, belts & hoses etc., to ensure they are working properly and haven’t worn out prematurely due to wear & tear or lack of maintenance. 


The BC Racing DS Series shocks are an excellent choice for any performance enthusiast looking to improve the handling dynamics of their vehicle. The adjustable dampers provide a great range of adjustability, allowing drivers to tailor the suspension setup to their exact specifications. The DS Series also offers superior ride quality and performance, making them ideal for both street and track applications. All in all, the BC Racing DS Series is an excellent choice for anyone looking to maximize their driving experience.