What Makes Curtains Different When Buying One

When buying a high quality curtains, there are several things you should know that will help you through the curtain buying process. If you’re thinking about getting new curtains, read on to find out the five things that make curtains different.

1. Curtain fabrics are measured in Denier (D)

Similar to the thread count in sheets, Denier refers to how thick or thin a thread is about its length. The higher the number, the thicker the fabric.

2. Width is measured in Inches (I)

The width refers to how wide your curtain is before it is hemmed. Typically curtain widths are measured in increments of 10 inches, so a 28-inch curtain will measure 28 inches before being hemmed.

3. Length is measured in Feet (F)

The length of your curtain doesn’t typically matter, because it can be cut and hemmed to fit any window size. However, we recommend that you measure your window before purchasing a new set of curtains. This ensures that you get the right size curtains to fit your window.

4. Grommets are metal circles that are sewn into the top of a curtain panel.

Grommets allow you to slide your curtain rod through it for easier installation, and they also give the curtains a more finished look. Also, Grommets are always placed at the top of your curtain panel to allow for easy installation.

5. Curtain header tape is used in place of grommets to hold up heavy curtain panels.

Header tape is a thick piece of material that is sewn at the top of your curtain panels and used in place of grommets. The header tape is attached to a rod and provides additional support for heavy curtains.


When buying your next set of curtains, just remember that you should know what makes them different before you make your choice on which one to buy.