Office space in Sydney CBD

If you’re looking for private office space in Sydney CBD, then look no further than Justco. Our Sydney real estate agents will help to ensure your business has the perfect location and the best possible start.

Justco is a Sydney-based private real estate company specializing in office leasing, commercial property sales, and investments throughout the New South Wales region. We have nine private offices across Martin Place and Bridge Street, as well as an on-site concierge team dedicated to managing all of our client’s needs 24 hours per day, seven days per week. A private office space in Sydney offers full-service facilities combined with flexible terms and short or long-term leases, whatever works best for you. To find out more or book a private appointment, please get in touch today.

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Private office space in Sydney is a popular choice among businesses, with private offices being more private and less of a hassle than sharing space with co-workers. Justco private office space of 8 to 14 people would be ideal for small business owners. With prices starting from just $180 per week, you cannot go wrong.

The private office space in Sydney would provide the following:

• Cleaning once per week on Monday or Tuesday night, depending on your preference.

• A dedicated phone number allows recipients to call the specific company directly rather than calling reception first.

• Unlimited internet access and a personal mailbox on our mail run service, which only delivers between 9 – 5 pm Monday to Friday.

• Personal Business Manager, who will liaise with you and your business requirements to ensure all private office needs are met.

• Access to communal kitchen facilities, including tea and coffee making facilities, private fridges, and microwaves. Alternatively, we provide access for clients to bring in their supplies of any food or beverages they wish to consume at their private office space.

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A private office provides a private setting for your business without interruptions by others’ noise or lack of focus on their tasks due to eavesdropping. A private office gives you independence and comfort to carry out business affairs and handle sensitive information like personal data and company finances securely away from prying eyes. Different private offices allow you to add partitions or remove them altogether if needed depending on changing requirements over time. You also access amenities such as comfortable seats, a private toilet, a private phone booth for private calls, and more to give you the utmost convenience.

Private offices are most ideal for meetings with clients or private conversations with your employees.

Open plan office designs are perfect if your business is accelerated growth, requiring a higher workforce strength within the same premises. Suppose your workers need to access each other’s desks due to workflow requirements frequently. In that case, an open plan design allows easy communication among the team members resulting in a faster turnaround of tasks with better accuracy. Such flexibility comes at a price where concentration span is lower than that in private offices because employees have less privacy—can’t prevent others’ noise from distracting their thought process, leading to slower productivity than private office spaces.