How To Pick the Right Wheels for Ford Rangers in Australia

Ford is a popular company that produces cars, trucks, and other vehicles. The Ranger was an iconic vehicle for the company as it was one of its most successful models throughout its lifetime. There’s been some confusion about which wheels to use on these specific vehicles in Australia because the wheel sizes are different from country to country. We want to help clear up any misconceptions with this blog post so you can pick out your perfect set of tires!

Stock wheels on Ford Rangers are either 14 or 15 inches in diameter. Your stock ranger most likely came with 14-inch rims, but some also come equipped with 15s out of the factory. If you were to buy a set of new rims for your Ranger, you would have around 6-7 different styles and design options that will fit your vehicle. The most popular aftermarket wheel choices are 15-inch rims, as they are very common and easy to find.

Before purchasing any new aftermarket rim, it’s best to check the bolt pattern on your Ranger. You can use an online calculator or measuring tape to measure the bolt pattern of your current rims. If you are looking for aftermarket rims that will fit your Ranger, it’s best to choose a wheel between 5 – 7 inches in width. If the bolt pattern is 5×4.5, you will need a wheel with a “6J” size in its specification.

If you are looking for new rims but have no idea what will fit, take out a measuring tape and measure the width of your stock rims. The easiest way to do this is to measure the distance between the inner bolts on your current wheels. Take note of this distance, as it’s best if you pick another wheel that has the same size distance between its bolts. If you want to get more detailed, use an online calculator to find out your exact bolt pattern.

It would be best if you remembered that your Ford Ranger tire size would significantly affect the width of your wheel rims. If you install bigger tires on narrower wheels, expect to get a lot of rubbing. The right aftermarket rims for your Ford Ranger should have some space around them when installed on your truck.

When considering the size of your tire, remember that the stock tires are either LT265/75R15 or LT255/85R16. If you plan to install larger tires, it’s best to choose aftermarket rims with back-spacing of around 4 – 8 inches. If you plan to install smaller stock-sized tires, 4 – 6 inches of back-spacing will be enough.

The information above should help determine what type of tire will work best for your Ford Ranger so you can have more fun driving around! Visit us at