Magento SEO

The Magento platform is one of the top eCommerce platforms, but search engine optimization (SEO) is often overlooked. SEO is a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining high-ranking placements on the search results page of a search engine — including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It considers how search engines work with your website content, title, URLs, meta-tags, link popularity, and traffic from other websites.

Best practices Magento SEO

Optimizing a Magento eCommerce site for search traffic is a huge part of running a successful ecommerce business. When done right, it can result in increased conversions, better user experience, and easier time to market for merchants.

Optimize Product Images

Optimizing product images for SEO can be a tough job. It is vital that the image contain all relevant keyword phrases and descriptions, including alt-text and title tags. Magento SEO best practices recommend optimizing images for SEO by enabling the “Replace Image URL” option in the Magento store.


The Robots.txt file is a simple yet powerful tool that can help you control the search engine indexing of your site pages. Essentially, it is a list that the search engine uses to ignore or follow your website’s pages.


When you build a Magento site, you should create a sitemap to help search engines discover and index your site. Adding a sitemap to your Magento site tells the search engines exactly which URLs to crawl and index. This helps reduce the load on the search engine’s crawlers and helps the crawlers index your site more quickly.

Loading Speed

Speed is an essential element of any website; the same goes for Magento SEO, which focuses on indexing and crawling. Speed is a double edge sword, though. Maintaining your hosting package by writing a clear and well-structured.

Supplement Your Body for Good Health

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Health is a valuable asset for a man. It is essential that we take good care of our health. Being healthy does not come easy; we have to make serious efforts for the same. To have a healthy body, we need to eat well. It is also important to exercise regularly as it will keep our body fit and active. A healthy body is also helpful for a healthy mind. When the body is fit, the mind is fit too. On the contrary, if the physical health is down, the mental health will become bad too. So, we must take care of the whole body for healthy and comfortable living.

11 Multivitamins for Women's Health to Try in 2022

We are living a fast-paced life where it is difficult to meet the daily nutritional requirements of our body. So, it is suggested that we take some supplements that will help our body to remain healthy. There are several supplements available on the market that one can try. Eternum Labs NAD Supplements are one of a kind. It is a safe medication that is known to boost the immune system of the body while repairing the damaged DNAs. It also helps in production of energy and optimising overall physical and mental health. One of its best benefits is its anti-aging properties. If you would like to know more benefits about it, you should read reviews on eternum labs nad supplements. It will help you know the benefits people get due to its regular usage.

If you would like to take Eternum Labs NAD Supplements too but are unsure about it, reading the reviews will help you make the prudent decision. When you read honest reviews and testimonials written by its users, you will know how people got its benefits and if there are any side effects or not. If you are satisfied reading the reviews on eternum labs nad supplements, you can buy some for you.

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How a gravity bong functions

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While smoking tobacco, herbs or other substances, the effect depends to some extent, how much smoke the user is inhaling at a time. If the user is inhaling only small amount of smoke, he will have to inhale repeatedly for the same effect, and it will take more time . A bong is slang for a water pipe which is similar to a hookah, and used for inhaling tobacco or other smokable substance. Those who smoke regularly are told that a gravity bong will generate a larger and better hit. Hence if they have not used the bong earlier, they will usually ask what is a gravity bong to get more information about the design and effectiveness of the bong.

A gravity bong consists of a large bowl or bucket which is filled with water, a smaller bottle with a bowl of the smokable substance on top. To use the gravity bong, the large bowl is first lit to heat it and the smokable substance. The smaller bottle is then slowly pulled out of the water. The smoker will put his mouth over the top of the smaller bottle, the cover for the smokable substance is then removed. Due to the force of gravity when the user pushes the bottle down, a large amount of smoke will enter the lungs directly at the same time creating a bigger and better hit.

Since a large amount of smoke is produced, gravity bongs are not recommended for those who are new to smoking since their tolerance levels are not high. Compared to conventional smoking methods, this method is far more effective in inhaling any substance, since the highly concentrated smoke is inhaled in a very short span of time. Many smokers looking for a new method of inhaling tobacco or any other substance can consider using a gravity bong. It also a quicker way of inhaling tobacco or other herbal products.

Smokers who wish to save money can make a gravity bong at home, using plastic bottles, aluminum foil, plastic buckets, smokable substance and other material. These gravity bongs can be used for home smoking. However, these are often not of very good quality and the user may also inhale some harmful chemicals. Hence many experts recommend that it better to purchase a quality gravity bong made from glass. The seal for these gravity bongs is tighter, so they will last for a longer period of time, and the hit quality is also better.

Eco-Friendly Building Bricks

As our world becomes more complex, so does our infrastructure. As we strive to live and work more efficiently, eco-friendly building solutions are becoming increasingly important. Eco-friendly building materials can help buildings go green. Here are some eco-friendly building bricks you may want to have on hand.

How a Brick is Sustainable & What are the New alternatives available —  Econaur

If you have never been around building bricks before, you simply have to experience their amazing durability. They are very strong and, once properly installed, will last a very long time. In addition, eco-friendly building bricks are a good way to go for the environment. They contain no harmful chemicals, making them environmentally friendly. They can even be recycled, which is a great alternative to sending them to the landfill.

types of eco-friendly building bricks

Stone blocks 

Stone blocks are not only a time-tested, time-honoured choice for building houses but also come in a variety of styles, colours and textures to suit any building project.

While building with stone blocks is a time-honoured and trusted method of construction, it’s also an eco-friendly choice. Many types of stone blocks are made of recycled materials, while other types of stone blocks are quarried locally. Over the life of a house, stone blocks only use one-third as much energy as wood. In addition, stone blocks are extremely durable and won’t rot or warp.

Concrete blocks

Concrete blocks are an environmentally friendly building product. They are building materials made from a mixture of cement, aggregate, water, and sand. Aggregate is the material that makes up the “block”. Aggregates used in block production include sand, gravel, and crushed stone.

Steel-reinforced concrete blocks

Eco-friendly building rarely means eco-friendly building materials. Instead, it refers to the use of sustainable or energy-efficient building materials. Steel-reinforced concrete blocks are a prime example of green building material. The blocks are made from recycled aggregate, which is made of crushed concrete that is mixed with water. This mixture is then poured into moulds, dried, and cured, resulting in a concrete brick.

Paternity Leave QLD

Paternity leave QLD is a useful benefit of Australian workplaces that offer maternity or parental leave. Under the Fair Work Act, employees are entitled to 10 paid days off for the birth of a child and five additional paid days for the care of an adopted child or for another child in the family. Those 10 paid days must be taken within 12 months of the birth or adoption.

Are you an employee who needs paternity leave in Queensland? If so, you will need to contact your HR manager or specialist as soon as possible. The leave taken will be unpaid, but paternity leave is allocated to fathers by law in Australia. There are also a number of rights and obligations that employees will have to adhere to while out on paternity leave.

Having a newborn is an exhausting, life-changing experience, but many new fathers in Australia also face a confusing workplace with conflicting parental leave policies. Under Australian law, new fathers are entitled to a maximum of 18 weeks of paid parental leave, but many employers fail to offer this or offer it inconsistently. This can leave new fathers feeling like their employers are mistreating them. To help clarify things, some employers have started to offer paid paternity leave, which can provide new fathers the additional time off they need.

Not many parents in Australia get to take the time required to bond with their children. As a result, there are growing concerns about its effects on children and their development. Australia’s new paid parental leave policy, which will give fathers 18 weeks of leave after taking leave for their partners, may help tackle this problem. Studies have shown that children whose parents spend lots of time together, especially fathers, tend to have better language, cognitive, and social skills. Australia’s new paid parental leave policy could change this by increasing the bond between fathers and their children.

Small Business CGT Concessions 2021 At Mosaic Tax Legal

People with small assets (including shares and small business CGT concessions) will not have to pay additional tax on capital gains when they dispose of those assets, provided the asset price does not exceed $1 million. This concession will apply until the CGT discount was increased in 2021.

Small businesses CGT concessions 2021 at Mosaic Tax Legal are the backbone of the Australian economy. They employ nearly one in five Australians and contribute to the wealth of our community. However, they can be subject to some of the key tax anomalies that impact all Australians. Small businesses don’t pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on the first $1 million of their business assets. This concessional treatment extends to all businesses with an annual turnover of less than $10 million and where the owner has a marginal tax rate (MRRT) of 28 per cent or less. The $1 million threshold increases in 2021 to $2 million, so that small businesses will still pay no CGT on the first $2 million of their business assets.

Small business owners often pay tax on business income twice when they earn it and again when they pay tax on their taxable income. To help reduce this double-taxation burden, the government offers a number of small business concessions. 

CGT is a tax when you sell an asset for more than you paid for it. For example, when you sell an asset, you have owned for more than 12 months. This could include selling a business or investment property, shares, a business or rental property, or a car or other motor vehicle. CGT exceptions include vehicles used exclusively in business, holiday homes, collectible assets, assets held as investments, and assets held for passive applications. CGT is often referred to as ‘capital gain’ when selling an asset, but your small business CGT concessions are called ‘capital gains.

Do you own an active asset used in a small business? If so, you can claim small business CGT or capital gains tax concessions to reduce your capital gain when you sell the asset.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Home Builder

Hiring a reputable builder is the best way to ensure a smooth construction process. Plus, looking into a builder’s credentials, quotes, and areas of competence is a wonderful approach to ensure that your perfect design pattern gives life to the building you imagined.

To get the most out of your constructor, you must first have a clear vision of what you want to have made. One of the factors that will lead your construction process is the size of your family, so if you want to build a six-bedroom home, for example, look for a builder who has experience with such structures. Continue reading for more information on how to find the finest builder for your construction project.

Do your homework.


When looking for a builder you can trust, seeking referrals from people you trust is a great way to generate some leads. If you’re new to the area, local real estate agents or local building supply stores can also be great places to get contractor recommendations. Using online resources is another great way to find an excellent contractor. As you scroll the internet for potential leads, also consider the quality of individual contractors’ websites. A professional, easy-to-navigate, and updated website is always a good sign.

When seeking referrals, ask about the contractor’s communication style. For instance, were they easy to get in touch with throughout the project? Did you have a designated contact person? This is important information to have because you need a builder who values your time and responds promptly to your queries. Also, ask about the builder’s punctuality. For instance, were they constantly late? Was the project completed within the set time frame?

Schedule an in-person meeting.


You’ll be able to find quality local contractors through personal referrals, advertisements, and online listings. However, before reaching out to any of them, use their online reviews to narrow down your list of potential contractors. To ensure you’re getting an accurate review of the builder’s work, use more than one trusted online review site.

Once you’ve narrowed your list, set up in-person meetings with at least three builders to get a better idea of their work experience and communication style. During your consultation, ask about their licenses, how long they’ve been in the industry, cost estimates, the potential time frame for the project, and if they offer any warranties or insurance.

Have a contract in place.


Only work with a builder who’s ready to honor your contract because, should something go wrong during the construction process and legal action is required, your contract will be important to your case. Your contract should include your contractor’s contact information, such as their physical address, license numbers, account numbers, full name, and phone number. It should also include the project’s construction schedule, as well as its start and end dates. This is particularly important information to have, as it’ll also help the contractor account for potential time conflicts from other building projects they may be working on.

Keep an open line of communication.


Before the project begins, figure out how you and your builder will maintain communication lines during the project. It’s important to have this established so that once a problem arises, you and your contractor can attend to it before it escalates. One way you could do this is by agreeing to weekly or daily updates with your builder so you’re kept in the loop of how the construction process is faring. This could be done through a quick phone call at the end of each day or a weekly email update.

You’ve hired your specific builder because you trust them with the ability to bring your ideal home to life. With this in mind, keep an open line of communication, but don’t hover. Give your builder the space and flexibility to execute the task you’ve entrusted to them.

Techniques To Use When Giving Your Partner a Massage

The act of giving your partner relaxing massages can end up being a profound way to deepen the emotional, physical, and spiritual bonds that the two of you share. Now more than ever, the importance of seeking out new ways to promote self care and relaxation cannot be understated. COVID-19 really threw the world into a tailspin, and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to suggest that many folks are dealing with the nasty effects of having higher than ever cortisol levels. Well, this is where massages can come in and completely change the game. However, it’s crucial that you take note of proper techniques and strategies so that you can make sure your partner has the best possible experience and gets all the health benefits massages can offer.

Create that peaceful setting.

The last thing that you want your partner to have to worry about as you’re using your muscle strength to provide some of that sweet massage therapy is for them to be fretting about falling off the makeshift table. Thus, you want to make sure that you create as stable of an environment as possible when you give a massage. You might even consider looking into investing in a massage table for your home. If not, though, you can always opt for the bed. Who knows? If things get hot and heavy, you’ll be in the right place.

Determine what your partner’s pressure point preferences are.

The reality is that there are just different types of massages for different folks. You’ll want to have that enlightening conversation with your partner before the massage therapy kicks off. You’ll be able to determine whether they just want to be touched softly all over or if they’re looking for more of a deep-tissue massage with some serious back work.

Have your basic stroke techniques ready to go.

You don’t need to be a full-on massage therapist to give your partner what they need, but it doesn’t hurt for you to have your fundamentals down. So, you should have a grasp on the Effleurage stroke. This stroke consists of long and slow gliding movements where you’ll spend time spreading that oil across the surface of your partner’s skin. Plus, these long, gliding strokes do a wonderful job of promoting better circulation.

You’ll also want to know the Petrissage stroke. This stroke consists of more kneading, deep-tissue strokes where you’ll lift your partner’s muscles and squeeze them from hand to hand. You’ll be able to figure out where your partner might have any knots lying around as well.

Optimize the lighting.

You could be pulling off the work of a heroic massage therapist, but the benefits of massage might be overlooked if the actual lighting is completely out of whack. As to be expected, proper lighting is crucial when it comes to setting the mood. You don’t want to be caught up in trying to get your partner to relax while under the hot gaze of some blaring fluorescent lights. So, take the extra time to make sure that the lighting is in check.

With that, we’ve provided a quick and intuitive rundown on what you’ll need to know to ensure that the massages you give your partner are always to their liking. Giving good massages isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. You don’t want to mindlessly waste all of that time and energy only to come to realize that you missed the mark because you didn’t do your proper homework. Well, rest assured that you’ve already taken a step in the right direction just by reading through this quick list. Now go get it!

10 of Australia’s Most Iconic Road Trips

Australia is a country dominated by expansive landscapes, vast beaches, glistening rivers, rainforests, iconic landmarks, and a crimson red outback. Travelers hit the open road to feel the spirit and diversity of this great southern land. If you’re ready for a road trip adventure through Australia but not sure where to start, this article will help.

That said, before you set off on your trip, it’s a good idea to have an existing auto insurance policy in place. This will help mitigate property damage and other liabilities. This type of coverage can include comprehensive coverage, personal injury protection or bodily injury liability coverage, and/or liability coverage.

Also, find out from your car insurance company or insurance agent if your current car insurance rate suits your travel needs. If you’re an uninsured motorist, checking out a few car insurance compare sites might help. You can compare the average rates to find the best price for you. Once you settle on an insurer, feel free to request a free car insurance quote.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the top 10 of Australia’s most iconic trips.

1. The Grand Pacific Drive


The grand pacific drive in New South Wales is one of the most iconic coastal drives in Australia. The entire trip covers 140 kilometers starting from the South of Sydney and hugs the coastline down to the sweeping Shoal haven region. This drive allows you to participate in many fun activities that may include watching whales migrate at Kiama, surfing at Werri Beach, seeing the kangaroos stationed at Pebbly Beach, and strolling along the famous White Sands Walk.

2. The Great Southern Touring Route

This road trip encompasses the craggy coastline and most loved destinations in the Victoria region. The famous 12 Apostles coast and deep red hinterland is a sight to behold. Upon reaching Cape Otway, one could easily spot koalas. The fun part is the pubs and cafes overlooking the historic Southern Ocean.

3. The Red Centre Way

The famous Red Centre Way is situated in the Northern Territory of Australia. The deep red central Australian outback is home to historic ochre landscapes, starry skies, and dynamic cultures. Driving the Red Centre Way gives an unexplainable feeling of the spirit of Australia. The route begins and ends in Alice Springs featuring the Tjoritja, Uluru, and the Watarrka National Park.

4. The South West Edge

This road trip along the Western Australian corridors can last up to two weeks. The trip, which covers Perth to Esperance, features several white beaches, clear oceans, forests, and wildflowers. Don’t be surprised to see kangaroos strolling along Lucky Bay. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, the Peaceful Bay fishing hamlet may happen to be your favorite destination. Finally, this trip gives you the chance to visit the historic Margaret River wine region.

5. The Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef brings into reality the Torres Strait Islander Dreamtime and Aboriginal tales. The 87-mile trip begins from Cairns and ends at Cape Tribulation. The journey is iconic because you get to see two well-known World Heritage Sites, Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

6. Gibb River Road

The Gibb River Road allows travelers to drive the legendary outback route from Derby to Kununurra. The stretch of road offers secluded gorges and rocky ridges. Driving the Gibb River Road requires a 4WD vehicle to navigate the corrugated stretch of the road.

7. The Nullarbor Plain

Don’t miss the opportunity to cross the famous Nullarbor plain. For one, you get to explore the expansive Great Australian Bight situated in South Australia. So you know, the Nullarbor plain is home to several landmarks, including the longest golf course in the world, old gold mining towns, roadhouses, and caves.

8. Tasmania’s East Coast

This iconic route stretches from Hobart to Bay of Fires along the coast through Bicheno, Swansea, and St Helens. Tasmania’s East Coast prides itself in exotic wines, seafood, and blissfully quiet beaches. Be sure to join the renowned Freycinet Experience Walk at the Freycinet National Park.

9. The Savannah Way

The Savannah Way presents a 3700km adventure from Cairns, Queensland, to Broome in Western Australia. What makes this road trip iconic is that it encompasses five World Heritage Sites and 15 national parks. The highlight of this trip is the Boodjamulla National Park which features ancient fossils, colorful landscapes, and spectacular gorges.

10. The Stuart Highway


We wrap up with the Stuart Highway route that stretches from Adelaide to Darwin. This classic road trip measures about 3000km, leading directly into the heart of the Australian red outback. The Stuart Highway road trip encompasses the deserts and wilderness of Australia and the northern coast. The highlights include Uluru, Katherine Gorge, Kings Canyon, and Flinders Ranges.

Funsquare Australia review

Funsquare Australia review

Funsquare is an excellent online game generator that helps you make games for your computer. It has a wide range of options for creating games, from traditional party games to more complex strategies. If you’re looking for an easy way to make some games, Funsquare is a great choice. However, if you want something more challenging or to create something that will last long, Funsquare isn’t the right choice.

How does Funsquare work?

Funsquare is a game creator that helps you make games for your computer. It has a wide range of options for creating games, from traditional party games to more complex strategies. If you’re looking for an easy way to make some games, Funsquare is an excellent choice. However, if you want something more challenging or if you want to create something that will last long, Funsquare isn’t the right choice.

One of the primary goals of Funsquare is to make sure that your games are easy to understand and fun to play. However, Funsquare can be difficult to learn and use. For example, there are multiple ways to play the game, and there are no clear instructions on how to win or lose. This can be challenging for first-time players and can prevent people from playing the game for an extended period of time.

The other issue with Funsquare is that it’s not very reliable. Games created with Funsquare often have low scores and don’t always work correctly. Additionally, Funsquare doesn’t always include enough features or resources for high-quality games.

What games can you make with Funsquare?

You can make a range of games with Funsquare. Here are a few examples:

-A board game in which you have to help your friends win matches

-A puzzle game in which you have to figure out how to get the golden eggs

-A racing game in which you have to race against other players

What’s the best way to use Funsquare?

The best way to use Funsquare is to use it as a game creator. This is because Funsquare has various options for creating games, from traditional party games to more complex strategies. If you’re looking for an easy way to make some games, Funsquare is an excellent choice. However, if you want something more challenging or to create something that will last long, Funsquare isn’t the right choice.


Funsquare is an excellent tool for creative people of all ages. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, Funsquare has something for you. Whether you’re creating a photo album, drawing a picture, or making a quilt, Funsquare has you covered. If you’re looking for a creative way to spend some time with your friends and family, Funsquare is the perfect tool.